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High Expectations and Low Dedications

High Expectations and Low Dedications

To be divine is to be whole. To be whole is to be complete, the evil and the good.

Expectations, expectations,  expectations!  No matter how hard we try to avoid them,  we all have them.  Whether it’s for ourselves or others,  we place expectations. I, for one,  do my absolute best not to place expectations on another individual. But I will admit, recently I did. And needless to say that it ended on a very disappointing and disheartening note.


I was more disappointed in myself versus the one whom I  had placed the expectations on.
How foolish of me?  Especially when I know for a fact that we are all emotional creatures of habit.  And if a person has, for years, behaved in such a manner it’s difficult to transform  those habits.


Everyone doesn’t have the ability to dedicate themselves to set expectations. It’s not that they do not wish to,  just simply the fact that they cannot. For whatever reason.
Many times we just limit ourselves because we feel that a certain task may be too significant or too out of our league and feel we’re just not worthy.


Another thing is to not place high expectations on another if we ourselves cannot dedicate to it.e8b6430fd248f18bf89b4be9acb4b48e

So should we ever set expectations?  Of course!  I will advise to not set them too high because when yourself or another cannot meet them it feels like something is crashing down on your face… and the rest of your body.


How I feel after expectations are not met (see above pic).


  It’s damaging to self esteem to not to be able to have  full dedication to a high set expectation.funny-picture-kive-mcdonalds-realitythis-is-my-sad-face



I’m just speaking from a personal experience standpoint. It may not apply to all. It certainly applies to myself and other relationships I have been involved with from work relationships, family relationships to romantic relationships. Without these disappointments we truly cannot learn what it is that we truly want from ourselves or from others.


I would like to share a poem I wrote about 5 years ago called “Continue” . I titled it that due to the fact that regardless of whatever set expectations we may have placed on ourselves or others and was not fully dedicated…we have to keep on pushing in life. It just doesn’t stop due to a little failed expectation.


High expectations & low dedications

Theses are the things that we give one another

To deal with others

-Why bother?

No one can help

So to yourself you wept

To much energy exhausted into the abyss

The lesson to be learned——–>>>missed

So we continue to be———>>>pissed

Cause we failed to learn what WOULD, COULD, SHOULD be—–>>> bliss

Guess that is how it goes

So might as well wipe your eyes and blow your nose

Continue with the same pattern

Outcome you know what will happen

So don’t expect from others what you can’t obtain from self

No 1 can understand or comprehend for you what is best

—-but they still guess

And try to give you answers to your issues

—-But still yourself-your gift-you misuse

And miss clues

To the evident source of being

Which every second you SHOULD be agreeing

But you keep on disbelieving

—yourself—- you keep on misleading

Back to the same ol’ crying and grieving

When will you wake up?

When will you say ENOUGH!?

Its time to get tough

With this game of life get rough

Tackle it head first

If its truly victory that you thirst

But what is a victory if you have no goal?

What is gaining power without a soul?

So you just continue to grow old

Until your eyes will fold

To that—-That can’t be the end

So you will truly rise once again

& between you and your creator will make amends.


And Always Remember to…2012_07_love-quote-629543-480750-475-273

To be divine is to be whole. To be whole is to be complete, the evil and the good.